Hannah + Brennden | Morris, MN


Hannah and Brennden’s wedding day was a joyous occasion filled with love, laughter, and heartfelt moments. Their journey to this special day had it’s unique twists, with Brennden serving as a dedicated K-9 police officer and Hannah working as a compassionate nurse.

The day was a beautiful celebration of their love as friends and family gathered to witness their union. The ceremony was held in a picturesque lakeside setting, with the sun shining brightly and a gentle breeze in the air. As Hannah walked arm and arm with her dad, Dan, Brennden couldn’t help beam with love….

During the ceremony, the couple exchanged heartfelt vows (again, not a dry eye), promising to support and cherish each other through all the ups and downs of life.

The reception that followed was a lively affair, with delicious food, heartfelt toasts and plenty of dancing. What made the celebration more meaningful, is the venue is a hotel/event space that her father purchased and has been renovating. Even though it’s not complete, the personal touch was felt at every turn!

This one was personal

On a personal note: The bride’s mom, Barb – or as Barbie as I’ll forever call her – and her twin sister Brenda are the two people in the entire world that are cut from a cloth so similarly to mine, that is humanly possible. From day one (literally from day ONE) we attended elementary through high school together, our childhood homes were (and still are) a block apart, we attended church and religious education together, we are the same nationalities, played musical instruments together and so much more. From a photography standpoint, being a part of this celebration was an honor – but it truly was a coming-home event for me. I loved seeing so many members of their family. I’m still smiling almost two weeks later. 🙂

Tears and hugs were plenty

Hannah and Brennden’s wedding day was truly a special and memorable occasion marked by love, lots and lots of hugs, and the exciting news of their impending parenthood. As Hannah stated through her tears as she said her vows ‘her hormones were on overdrive’…. I think the tears were on overdrive for everyone. It was a day they would cherish forever as they embark on their new chapter of their lives together and soon to be parents. Congrats Hannah and Brennden!

Wedding Venue: West Pomme Lodge

Reception Venue: The Hudson Inn

Dress: Bella Rose

Hair/Beauty: Kathleen Goodsell – Lino Lakes | Makeup: Alicia Vadnais – Fringe Parlor Benson, MN

Rings: Riddle’s Jewelry – St. Cloud | Manly Bands

Video: Johnson’s Photography- Benson, MN

DJ: Harmon Entertainment

Desserts: Cake: Mandy Goers, Coon rapids | Cupcakes: Homemade on the Hilltop Starbuck, MN


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