Jody + Paul | Madeline Island, WI


Madeline Island, a hidden gem nestled in the embrace of Lake Superior’s south shore, provided the perfect canvas for Jody and Paul’s love to flourish once again. With its tranquil rock formations, lush landscapes, and stunning lake views, the island seemed to echo the sentiments of their love – breathtaking and enduring.

Choosing to love, later in life, often means that priorities shift. While careers and personal goals might still hold significance, the emphasis shifts towards building a foundation of emotional support and companionship. The desire to create lasting moments and share the later chapters of life with a kindred spirit becomes paramount.

Surrounded by the warmth of their dearest family and friends (including a family of ducks who wanted in on the action), Jody and Paul began this next chapter of their journey. The air was filled with joy and sprinkling water, and all shared excitement of witnessing a love that had gracefully found its way to them.

Congratulations! I have a blast celebrating with the two of you!

Island transportation: Madeline Island Ferry Line

Venue, catering and bar: The Inn on Madeline Island

Backdrop: Lake Superior and Big Bay State Park


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