My interest in photography started in high school when I ended up in the yearbook class because of a scheduling conflict. Without much thought, I joined the photography team. Back in the days when darkrooms and chemicals were the only way to ‘see’ the pictures, I was immediately intrigued at the captured images and my ability to edit them. Krista Pascoe Photography a result of my passion expanding from my family and favors for close friends – to going out on a limb and taking a chance to make this ‘real’….. Combine my passion with a lot of hard work over the past several years, and here we are today.

Outside of my crazy-busy family and my work, I love hanging with my people, doing just about anything that strikes us at the time. I’m always up for adventure, but crave hunkering down at home too. In addition to my family and friends - I love witty-British dramas, sci-fi, cold beer, and Top the Tater with Ripple Chips (the ripples are a MUST in order to perfect the chip-to-dip eating ratio). I’m a hard-core sports nut and when not at the games in person, you will often find me screaming at the tv while watching my beloved Vikings (skol!) and Wild.  Thanks for stopping by!

getting to know me…

Im Krista

oh hey!

photo cred: the amazing JaneCane Photography



my first half marathon

#2 was completed in 2018!


love Jim (and gracie too)


the Kids

jon - 25
missy - 22
hannah - 20
gracie - 11
(or 77 in people years)

a little more about me and my people...