Kenzie + Aaron | September 8, 2023


Love stories have a way of finding their own paths, often intertwined with serendipity and shared passions. Aaron and Kenzie’s journey to happily ever after is no exception. On September 8th, under the clear skies at The Grainary at Lake Valley Farm, they embarked on a beautiful new chapter as they said their vows and celebrated their love. This is the heartwarming tale of Aaron and Kenzie, two souls brought together by fate and bound by a deep love for each other and the great outdoors.

A Matchmaker Dog

It all began in Gordon, Wisconsin, a picturesque town surrounded by the beauty of nature. Aaron and Kenzie’s parents own cabins right next to each other, creating a unique connection between their families. But the real magic of their story unfolded when Aaron’s family dog decided to pay Kenzie a visit. Kenzie, a dog lover with a heart big enough for every furry friend, welcomed the unexpected guest with open arms. Aaron’s puppy continued to make these spontaneous visits, it wasn’t long before Aaron and Kenzie started chatting during these delightful encounters. The charming and unplanned meetings slowly evolved into a deep friendship and a mutual admiration.

The love story of Aaron and Kenzie, rooted in the serendipity of a dog’s matchmaking, the shared passion for the outdoors, and a heartfelt proposal in Montana, is a testament to the beauty of love and destiny. Their wedding was a celebration of their unique journey, and it marked the beginning of a lifetime filled with love, adventure, and endless cribbage games. As they embark on this new chapter together, I can’t help but feel inspired by their love story and the promise of a beautiful future that lies ahead for them.

Venue: The Grainary at Lake Valley Farm

Wedding Coordination: The Minny Planner

Second Photographer: Captured by Corbyn

Beauty: Serenity Salon and Spa of Superior

Florals: Duluth Flower Farm

Rings: Security Jewelers

Catering: Blackwoods Duluth

Bar: Lilli Cain

Desserts: Bridgemans Duluth

DJ / Sound: Sounds Unlimited / Charley Hagen

Videographer: Infinite Film Production


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