Cydney + Adam || Rural Wisconsin Wedding


When you have two people who each grew up in rural, Wisconsin towns, pick up everything and move to Florida so the bride can follow her dreams – you know this is a special kind of love. I first met Cydney and Adam back at Adam’s sister Kristin (and Mike’s) wedding last fall.

They hired me on the spot for their upcoming wedding this year. I don’t say this because this rarely happens (seriously), but more because I like to think we had so much fun with them and knew that we could fit right back into their family festivities.

Their Story

They met in college in a bathroom. Yes, IN THE BATHROOM. Most people would run far away from that, but these two took this very off-chance meeting to the very end. Fast forward to a year ago when Cydney’s dream of being a zoo-keeper (hence the cool, animal print shoes she chose) were starting to fall into place. She received a coveted internship which required them to leave behind their family and friends and small-town conveniences to move down south.

My first thought when I heard of this career-path was ‘cool, that sounds like an awesome job’ which will be eventually. I was informed this necessary first step is not only dirty and involves shoveling a lot of …….. the brown stuff, it’s also unpaid. When Cyd comes home tired and exhausted, Adam is right there to cheer her on.

Planning Their Day from Afar

Busy in their work and half the country away, Cydney and Adam relied heavily on family and friends to help plan their wedding. Rhinelander, WI (Cydney’s home town) put on the most spectacular display of colors for their outdoor ceremony. Flanked by their family, friends, and dogs – they said ‘I do’ under the canopy of honey-gold, russet, amber, and scarlet leaves that hung on just for their wedding celebration.

They Promise

To end the days festivities, they each made their promises. She promises to let him know before she adopts another dog, he promises to let her bring home as many as she wants. There are more, but this is on point in my book. Under a dazzling shower of sparklers, the couple ended their evening with the well-wishes of everyone. Congrats Cydney and Adam! I know this blog will find you on your tropical honeymoon. If it were possible, I wish I could have delivered these to you in person, escaping the 3″ of fresh, white stuff we just got while you were away.

My not-so-technical review of the new Canon mirrorless R6 camera I used for this wedding can be found at the end of the blog – check it out!

Technical notes: This was my first wedding trying out the new Canon mirrorless R6. I typically rent expensive, or new-release equipment before I purchase and am so glad I did. New features such as complete focusing capabilities, in camera setting viewing (so what I see is what I get) and tack-sharp images is why I’ll be purchasing this camera before my 2021 season gets under way. Combined with the Control Ring Mount Adapter EF-EOS R, my high-end prime lenses all seemed brand new again. I rent all of my pre-purchase equipment from Lens Rentals. They are fantastic to work with an have an amazing inventory of products.

Extra shout-out to my second shooter, Rachal for enduring the LONG hours in the car. We utilized our 7+ hours of drive time by jamming out to cool tunes, listening to My Favorite Murder back-podcasts, and not eating a five-pound bag of Skittles. (I’m trying to cut back). We may have hit the McD’s drive-though twice that day though…. No judgement please.

  1. Roy says:


    From the deeply sad-to-be-absent Dad, I thank you again for your lovely & joyful work. Your technical excellence is secondary to the way you capture the moment…perfectly!

    Thank you,



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