Kristen + Mike || Foggy, Duluth, MN Wedding


Kristen & Mike’s wedding at Spirit Mountain started out with the idea that the low-hanging fog and misty air was going to be a bummer on their dream, outdoor wedding over looking the landscape of Duluth. What I knew, and they very quickly found out, was what looked like dreary and damp surroundings was actually dreamy, magical, mystical, and nothing short of an amazing backdrop to their fairy tale day.

With a very last minute, and I must say stellar performance by both the staff at Spirit Mountain and Northland Special Events – the ceremony was quickly relocated to the dry and warm chalet. While the dense and thick fog made magical photos, the damp and wet was a lot for their family and friends who gathered to bear witness to their nuptials.

Her mom was walked down the isle accompanied by their dog Stella (who was a VERY good girl and lots and lots of scratches while escorting her partner), the CUTEST, and I dare say – sassiest, flower-grandma of all time, and a lovely poem reading by the bride’s father, kicked the event off on a very personal and unique way!┬á In a ceremony that blended their love for Jurassic Park and Game of Thrones, along with Mike’s love of football and Kristen’s love of tiny plants – they squeezed their rings close to their heart before placing them on each other and proclaiming “I Do!”

Aside from having an absolute blast with Kristen and Mike, and their entire wedding party and family – I want to say that the weather is something that can’t be controlled. In the weeks and days leading up to EVERY wedding – the couple is usually putting a lot of energy into worrying that the weather, if less than perfect, is going to ruin their day. I’m here to say that we can’t control the weather. What we can control is the love and commitment to making the day memorable and perfect in your own way – regardless of where the words are said. In their case, a day that took a few twists and turns in a variety of ways, ended up being one of the most beautiful (from a photography standpoint) weddings I’ve been a part of. Part of what made it beautiful was was the couple’s willingness to ‘let it go’ and trust the staff and ME to make sure their day went off in the best way possible. I’ll let the photos tell the story, but I’m sure you will all agree!

Congratulations Kristen and Mike! I’m so happy you trusted me to capture your wedding and be a part of your special day!


Second Shooter – the amazing: Rachal Fregin

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