Kylee + Ted || Country Wedding


The thing about weddings I love most is that no matter if you have 350+ guests at a glitzy venue with a downtown metro backdrop – or a backyard country wedding with barbecue, hammerschlagen, and family-made mojitos – they both bring family and friends together to support and love the wedding couple.

Kylee and Ted went for the country wedding right in their backyard. Their personal venue offered many places for groups to gather by the fire with a drink, play yard games, or sit around the table and visit. They, along with a crew of amazing friends and family, pulled off an epic event that was loaded with details.

Their images tell a much better story than I can even tell – so take a look and relive their beautiful day! Congratulations Kylee and Ted!




  1. Karla Ehlers says:

    These are awesome! Can’t wait to see the rest! You captured many things that made this wedding so special!


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