Senior Spotlight || Hailey || Class of 2020


Meet Hailey from South Ridge High School. South Ridge is a smaller school school in Culver, MN but has kids from a large surrounding area just south of the Iron Range. I met Hailey many years ago through volleyball and fast pitch photography. She went from a spindly youth to a beautiful young-woman! How cute is she?

  • What are your interests and hobbies (outside of school)? Sports, and hanging out with friends
  • Extracurricular activities / clubs for school? Softball, volleyball, Youth in Action, and Green Team
  • What is your absolute favorite activity to do with your friends? Sing in the car
  • What is your favorite activity to do by yourself? Cuddle with my cat
  • Tell me about your family: I am an only child, so my parents and I are very close. I also have a dog and two cats
  • How do you describe your personality? Happy
  • How would you describe your fashion style? Comfortable
  • What is the one item you own that you couldn’t live without? My phone
  • Who inspires you? My parents
  • Favorite binge watch? Pretty Little Liars
  • Have you made any decisions about what you are going to do post-graduation? Hopefully college at UMD, possibly a major in social work, but I’m not certain yet.
  • Favorite musical artist/band/style? Top three played songs on your playlist? I like many different kinds of music, but I especially love the band kiss
  • What is something about you that most people don’t know? My favorite animal is a manatee

Good luck on your upcoming senior year Hailey!



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