Caitlin + Tony || Grand Rapids, MN Wedding


Extravagant yet organic; Grand yet personal; Joyous yet intimate…. Magical.

Before we get to all that, let’s start with the bride and groom. Caitlin (and her entire family) have a deep, DEEP love of volleyball. Anyone who knows the Keute family knows that when you come upon any of the Keute clan (at least the girls) you are going to ultimately end up discussing the sport. Tony – also likes volleyball, but in a bar-league, play-with-friends-for-fun kind of way.  One day, his league-team needed sub and a friend-of-a-friend asked Caitlin to sub in. She was happy to join. From there a friendship was born, a courtship was set, and a proposal sealed the deal.

Fast forward to August 25th, 2018 where they said “I do” in grand – yet intimately personal – fashion at the Keute homestead on Hale Lake, in the little town of Grand Rapids, Minnesota. Parents of the Bride, Lori and Todd, were the gracious hosts. From the front, a quaint, well-attended, neighborhood home greets you – the back overlooks the beautiful lake with pines and old, tall trees abutting the property lines.

The Ceremony:  It was intimately unique with touches of Cait’s Irish heritage, music by her sister Ally, and personalized wedding vows. Tony vowed to always be on Caitlin’s team, and Cate promised to always love Tony. I’m paraphrasing with Caitlin’s beautiful words, because by the time she got to her vows, I was quietly trying to defog my camera from my tears and document their ceremony. It was really moving. Trust me. Sigh.

Details for Days: At every turn, there was a fun, and yet intimate details from the cozy tavern-like nook, to the popcorn and lemon water bar, to the ‘real’ bar with the couples favorite drinks, to the various settings of Adirondack chairs and tables to visit with friends. This is until you reach the tent, where farmhouse meets fancy and where the after-ceremony shin-dig took place. Sigh.

The Party: What happens when you combine a warm and earthy backdrop with a vibrant and loving family? The party of the summer. Both families created a reception where everyone felt at home. From the food-truck BBQ (RIGHT??), to the personalized table settings, to the touching first dances, bean bags, bocce, fancy cocktails, a cabinet filled with pie (RIGHT??), and so much more. Sigh…..

In a nutshell: Joyous. Magical. Personal. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Djonne – thanks for letting me tag along on your most-special day!

  1. Janette Nelson says:

    You did an amazing job, capturing the magic of the day. Love all the pictures…..just a little partial to little Miss Audrey Jo !! Thank you !

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