Jenn + Mark || Superior, WI Wedding


Jenn and Mark’s love story began on the hillsides of Spirit Mountain where they have worked together for more than 13 years. Jenn (the inside gal) is the Wedding and Banquet Manager while Mark is the Assistant Mountain Manager (the outside guy). Their work paths don’t cross often as they have as opposite duties imaginable – until they started noticing each other and making a point to cross those paths more often.

Two years later, Mark planned a romantic get-away up the North Shore (and organized the entire thing behind Jenn’s – the planner – back). On the quiet waters of Lake Superior, Mark asked Jenn to be his wife.

Jenn and Mark said ‘I Do!’ on August 11, 2018 on a picture-perfect day at the Cathedral of Christ the King in Superior, Wisconsin. Their faith played a prominent role in their wedding day and they vowed to not see each other before Jenn was escorted down the aisle by her uncle (Norbs!) and step-father Greg. Little touches make their day even more special by Mark leading a prayer, and the exchange of personal gifts to one another. I can honestly say I’ve seen it all with the gift exchange, but Mark’s gift to Jenn had me scratching my head. He had gifted her a shiny, new wrench. (!?) I normally like to fade into the background during these intimate moments, but Jenn could see the puzzled look on my face and offered up the explanation that when they first started dating, she used to hide the wrench from his tool box and he kept buying new ones until she finally fessed up after he replaced it several times. This joke was a meaningful gift to Jenn and played fun and quirky role in some of their wedding details.

Their nuptials were witnessed by friends and family, and a wedding party of 22. Yes, TWENTY-TWO. The atmosphere was fun and filled with kids and joyfulness.

Because Spirit Mountain was the starting point of their relationship, they wanted to incorporate some of their wedding photos on the hill – and a ride up the chair-lift. It was special to see their staff waving and offering well-wishes from the time they embarked on the bottom to their arrival at the top. It was clear to me these two are well respected and well liked.

The group made their way to the UMD Kirby Ballroom where Cory from Sounds Unlimited kicked their party into high-gear accompanied by good food and drinks, and cake and doughnuts for desert. Dancing, games, their love story, and more photos closed out this incredible day for Mr. and Mrs. Hoffman! Congratulations!



  1. Mindy says:

    Stunning and such a beautiful marriage. Captures all their love and happiness.

  2. Rae says:

    Absolutely stunning. What a beautiful couple. I’m so happy for you both!!!!


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