Thoughtful Wedding Details


Properly documenting the details of your wedding day can add a layer of extra personalization that enhances the photos of you and the people sharing in your celebration.

What are wedding details?

Details are small touches such as personal heirlooms, love letters, and special mementos from your relationship. Details certainly include stationary sets, signage, programs, and menus. Finally, they mean flowers, dresses, rings, and personal accessories. In a nutshell – the idea of details can be broken down into tangible things that are used as props and accessories to your wedding attire and celebration.

Why is photographing your details important in the documentation of your wedding day? They are the small and large touches that add a look of cohesiveness to your event, and help shape the story of your relationship, engagement, and your wedding.

The best part in planning your wedding details is that most items are pieces you already own or are collecting anyway because they are meaningful and personal to you. Months before your wedding, you can proactively plan to include these items. When your big day arrives, they are gathered in advance which minimizes the risk of forgetting something in the chaotic days leading up to your celebration.

Signage, Stationary, and Branding

Let’s start with the most non-personal pieces. While these items don’t necessarily add to your personal story, they do add to the overall brand of your day. These items can include:

  • Large signage: Welcome signs; general directional signs; and seating charts
  • Small signage: Menus; table numbers and seating cards; guest book, dessert, and bar instructions
  • Stationary: Invitation; Save the dates; RSVP cards; Thank you cards; ceremony programs; mailing envelope with your new names, custom/vintage stamps; lodging and directions inserts
  • Miscellaneous pieces: Wedding website; party favors; games and activities; memorial tables and photographs

Having cohesive fonts, colors, and layout can add a designer look to this portion of your wedding details photography. Photos of these pieces help curate your wedding gallery from event to event throughout the day.

Below is an example on how a great design, cohesive fonts, and materials can create a thoughtful aesthetic from signage, invitations suite, to table wear. The details from Caitlin and Tony’s backyard, lakeside wedding were among my favorites, and show how you can create amazing design without spending a ton of money.

Attire, Rings, and Flowers

These details are getting a bit more personal. These are pieces that are photographed individually and throughout the day as you will have them on your person or close by at all times. These items include:

  • Pre-dressing robes or outfits
  • Wedding dress, veil, shoes, and personal jewelry
  • Bridesmaids dresses, accessories, and shoes
  • Grooms and groomsmen attire, shoes, tie, cuff links, socks
  • Wedding and engagement rings and boxes
  • Wedding flowers: Bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, flower girl basket/bouquet


Here are a couple of tips for this category of details:

  • If your bridesmaids are wearing dressing gowns or robes – take them out of the packaging and steam them prior to the wedding day.
  • All dresses should be out of their protective plastic. If you have decorative hangers, they should all be on these hangers the night before. If you don’t have special hangers, I always bring classic white or wood hangers to use.
  • Be sure to keep all of the flowers in the bridal suite prior to dressing so they are all in one place. Ask your florist to leave behind a couple of loose greens and flowers to use for layering with your detail photos.
  • The groom and men’s accessories are often overlooked, but should always be included thoughtfully. Take the time to gather these items in advance.
  • Get your engagement ring cleaned!





Personal mementoes, love letters, and heirlooms

This is where it gets fun and really, anything goes. Include items that tell the story of your relationship and your family. These can include love letters, cards, movie tickets, photos from a first date, etc. Antique pieces or jewelry that is special to your family can be included as well.

When using irreplaceable mementoes and heirloom pieces, assign someone you trust to inventory and gather them in a safe place to ensure they are taken home at the end of the day’s festivities.


Planning and gathering details for your wedding day

The easiest way to plan for these details is to set aside a box somewhere that is accessible and safe. As you acquire special mementoes place them here to edit the week before your wedding. Apparel and rings, should be gathered the week of your wedding (guys too) so you aren’t scrambling the day of.

I hope this helps with some ideas in what to gather, and an easy process for taking the stress out of gathering them the day of your wedding celebration!







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