Elise + Tanner | Engaged


High School Love Story

Elise and Tanner, a couple deeply rooted in their high school love story, are gearing up for a special day next September when they tie the knot at The Grainary in Poplar, Wisconsin. Their journey began when they were just teenagers, as high school sweethearts. Little did they know back then that their love would endure the test of time and lead them to where they are today.

What makes their story even more heartwarming is that both Elise and Tanner have returned to the very school where their love first blossomed. Elise, with a passion for English and journalism, now imparts her knowledge and love for language to the students, while Tanner works as the school’s athletic trainer, keeping the student-athletes in top shape. Their dedication to the place where they first met speaks volumes about their commitment not only to each other but also to their shared values and community. Their wedding next September promises to be a testament to the enduring love they’ve nurtured since high school, and a celebration of the remarkable journey they’ve embarked on together.

Elise and Tanner’s story is a reminder that true love can stand the test of time, and it’s inspiring to witness their connection thriving as they continue their journey together. We can only imagine the joy and love that will fill the air when they officially become life partners, celebrating the high school romance that has grown into a love story for the ages.

PS: Thanks, Bent Paddle for letting us enjoy a beer while taking this first set of photos!


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