Jess + Sean | Engaged


Meet Jess and Sean, a couple whose journey has taken them from the intimate stages of local communities to other opportunities around the world. In the heart of Duluth/Superior’s vibrant cultural scene, this dynamic duo has recently set roots, bringing with them a wealth of artistic experiences and a passion for theater and performance art. Having traversed the country and beyond, both as performers and community builders, they’ve chosen the picturesque shores of Lake Superior as the backdrop for their next grand production—marriage.

Sean, a distinguished theater professor at the University of Wisconsin in Superior, imparts his extensive knowledge and infectious enthusiasm to aspiring actors. Meanwhile, Jess, wears multiple hats with the Duluth Playhouse, seamlessly blending her roles as an instructor and director of marketing. Together, they founded The Sound Company, who’s mission is dedicated to working with emerging artists, deconstructing classic texts to excavate new stories, and creating new work. As they prepare to say “I do” next summer, this power couple is not only exchanging vows but also contributing to the artistic tapestry of their newfound community. With each rehearsal, performance, and collaborative endeavor, Jess and Sean are leaving an indelible mark on the northland, weaving their love for the arts into the very fabric of this picturesque corner of the world.


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