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Let’s talk about editing and the importance of understanding your photographer’s style. I’m going to preface the following information with this statement: There is no WRONG answer here. Photographers and their editing style is as unique and personal as looking at the creative styles of artists who create pottery, watercolor paintings, or floral design. In short, the editing process is an important piece of the creative process for a photographer. Understanding some basics might help you choose which photographer is right for your wedding.

What Are Editing Styles?

This is a topic I discuss in detail UP FRONT with my couples before they partner with me. I ensure they understand my style to be bright, light, with crisp and poppy color. It took me a few years to really hone in my creative style, but ultimately this is where I landed. Why? I love true to color, low contrast, bright whites, and sharp with no grain. In a nutshell, I favor a timeless look.

What are other styles you might come across? Some popular ones are deep contrast, moody, warm colors, or added grain. Over the years I’ve seen lots of editing trends come and go and these are some additional trends we’re seeing right now.

In my earlier years, it didn’t occur to me to discuss this with my brides. I assumed it was obvious that people could ‘see’ what they would be receiving from me. Man, was I wrong.

A good friend of mine was shopping around for a wedding photographer (I was attending and not photographing) and she asked for my advice. As she pulled up the websites of her candidates, I immediately noticed the editing styles were all over the map. I was looking at everything from dark/moody edits from one photographer, to bright and poppy colors from the next. When I asked her about this, it was something that she didn’t even realize was a thing. I emphasized that whichever photographer she went with, THAT was the style of photographs she could expect to receive.

An Important Lesson

From that moment on, I realized this was an important topic to cover when I’m interviewing with a couple. They are always very appreciative of the information and explanation. I would say 99% of the time, their reaction is the same as my friend. I’m grateful that it’s usually my ‘style’ that brings a couple to me in the first place, but I find it’s still important to discuss. It also sets the stage for good communication and managed expectations on both sides. After all, my ultimate goal is for my couples to be absolutely in love with their images, and for me to love the creative portion of delivering them.

In the end – it’s a personal choice. Again, there is no wrong choice. It’s a matter of choosing the artist that best suites your own style along with your vision! I hope this tid-bit of information was helpful!

Editing Style Comparisons

Here are a handful of images I’ve delivered to my clients along with some alternative edits. Hopefully this gives you a visual of some of the points I’ve made.


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