Jennifer + Aaron || Home Wedding


All the feels….

Man, I love an intimate wedding at home. Don’t get me wrong, I really love all of them (big and small), but when a couple decides to host their ceremony and party at their house, it really does create an atmosphere of just….. ‘extra’.

I only recently met Jennifer and Aaron, and while we snuck in a fast engagement session, it was so much fun to get to know them and their relationship better. Everything I learned about them during our time together was emphasized even more at their wedding. They have a chill energy combined with a fun spontaneity that came from everyone and everywhere, all at once. (Isn’t there a movie named something like that?)

Congratulations Jennifer & Aaron!

  1. Matt & Carol Bayless says:

    Beautiful wedding!! Congratulations

  2. Susie Christensen says:

    Beautiful pictures! It was an honor to be included in your special day!

  3. Elaine Monaghan says:

    Beautiful Wedding, beautiful day, beautiful people! The girls and I were so honored to be part of it!


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