Kayla + Melissa || Engaged


Holy cow, I can’t wait for this wedding. I really do connect with all of my wedding couples on some level and keep in touch with almost all of them even after the nuptials have taken place. With Kayla and Melissa? I knew from our first meeting that we would become friends. It wasn’t the fact that they live a block away from me and I had no idea (don’t judge I’m busy and don’t get outside much, lol), or the fact that we talked for a couple of hours over beer and pizza when we met, OR the fact that I felt I could yell at them from across a busy mall on Black Friday and we chatted it up for a good, long-time. It’s just something in that we have a common energy.

These fun gals met a while back and have been together for three years when they decided to make it official. Well, Kayla made it official and was leaving many, not-so-subtle hints to Melissa that she was expecting a ring as well. What a cool surprise Melissa had up her sleeve when she gave it to her during their engagement session! How fun!

I can’t wait to celebrate with them next year at the Buffalo House (also my old stompin’ grounds) with their friends and family. Congratulations – when is the next beer and pizza date?

  1. Kim says:

    Beautiful pictures. Can’t wait for the wedding. These two bring out the best in each other. So excited for Melissa to officially be my niece.

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