Cassie + Matt || New Traditions Wedding


I am asked quite often for any wedding planning advice I can share. A common question, or series of questions is “what do other people do,” or what is traditional?”. The good news is I have seen a lot. And while I’m happy help with what have been historically traditional ways of organizing your day – I love that a lot of traditions have gone out the window. Couples are charting their own paths and creating the wedding day of their dreams.

A Delayed Celebration

Like so many couples in 2020, Cassie and Matt had to alter their wedding plans. While they chose to still tie the knot on schedule, they held off on the celebration until it was safe to have their family and friends come together. On August 21st that day finally happened. Since their plans had already changed course, they decided to flip their entire party on end and have their happy hour and dinner first, and their vow-renewal under the twinkle lights.

Let’s chat about twinkle lights. Cassie is obsessed with them. they were everywhere, and in my opinion, you can never have too many. The good news is their venue had a beautiful courtyard filled with lights in the trees, making the perfect ambiance for their romantic ceremony. It was exciting to try something different, especially knowing how much it meant to Cassie and Matt.

Congratulations to you both! You’ve had an incredibly busy year, especially this past month! I’m so exited for your new adventure back on home-turf and know you guys are going to continue laughing and having fun! Thank you for letting me be a part of your engagement and marriage celebration!



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