Rachal + Jonathan || Same Day, New Year Wedding


It Might Rain

Before we dive into the epic day celebrating the nuptials of Rachal and Jonathan (aka Jon from this point forward), let’s talk about the things you can and cannot control. You can’t control the weather, or when a global pandemic forces you to postpone to a year later, or even when you get accepted to a doctoral program in Georgia requiring you to move across the country two weeks before your wedding. To most couples, one of these circumstances would toss them into a tail spin, let alone all three that Rachal and Jon endured.

Do you know what you can control? Your attitude, your preparedness, and your friends and family who will be there to support you.

Here are my two-cents on that: YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED – everything else is just window dressing. The dress will get dirty, the flowers will wilt, but the love you feel towards each other on this day is unwavering. Rachal and Jon were (are) a shining example as to how a couple should approach their wedding day. With 100% love, and surrounded by the BEST POSSIBLE PEOPLE.

Same Day, New Year

August 7, 2020 was the original wedding date for Rachal and Jon. When plans changed, the stars aligned and everything worked perfectly to reschedule to the same date, one year later. I’ve had the privilege of capturing the secret proposal, their amazing engagement session, and now their wedding. More importantly though, I’ve had the privilege of having a front-seat view of their 8-year love story, and how it’s unfolded through the years.

Yes, I’m their wedding photographer, and under normal circumstances, this alone is a huge honor I take very seriously. In this case, and more importantly, I am their friend. I love these two like they are my own, and to watch their relationship grow and blossom has been a privilege.

Good Humans, Kind Hearts

Anyone can throw an amazing party with all the ‘things’, making their event picture-perfect. Having a celebration where every single person in attendance was truly supporting and celebrating, takes a wedding to a level that is almost spiritual. Watching these ‘kids’ honor and respect each other, have fun with each other, and learn and grow together has been a true blessing. I’ve been married a long time, but I find that I look up to their relationship in many instances. They are truly in a Master Class, all their own.

I’m not going to go on and on about the details of their day. Their abundance of photos tell this story for me. To quote Fleetwood Mac and their first dance choice “You Make Loving Fun”…. you do! Above all else, love should be fun. If it is, the rest falls into place.

I’ll sign off with this – Rachal and Jon, you guys are so special to me and all of my family. We are dang proud of you. Save room in the guest-wing for us – Jim will cook!


Second Shooter: Captured by Corbyn

Venue: The Grainary at Lake Valley Farm

Bouquets, Coursages, and Boutonnieres: WildThyme Floral

Decor Floral: Duluth Flower Farm

Dress:  Bella Rose Bridal

Hair / Makeup: Raya & Devyn at Serenity Salon and Spa

Jewelry: Hedgehog Project & GLDN

Menswear: Mainstream Fashions for Men

Watches: Treehut

Catering: Rich Cuisine

Mimosa Bar and Bloody Mary Bar: Hannah!

Cake: Crumbles

Bar / Bar Staff: Keyport

DJ and Sound: Pro Sound and Light





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