Rachael + Derek || Family-Filled Wisconsin Wedding


You could feel the love

Seriously, you could. I’ve photographed a ton of weddings and while there are always elements of each celebration that stick with me long after I depart, the feeling of love was strong and fierce. For Rachael and Derek’s big day, I will always remember this feeling that hovered over the entire day. These two humans absolutely adore and cherish each other in a way that was admirable, sweet, and steadfast.

Listening to their parents speak during the reception really solidified the idea of soul mates. These two found theirs.

The Scene

Northern Pines Golf Course in Iron River, WI was the backdrop for their celebration which included their immediate and extended families and a trove of friends to wish them well. Set on rolling hills in North-Western Wisconsin, with a warm breeze and a flurry of dragonflies to add some whimsey.

Their ceremony included a sand ceremony, personal vows, and their rings delivered by their adorable Corgy “Kyba”…. I’m to going to lie, he kind of stole the show for a few minutes.

The Party

Following the nuptials, the party continued with a wonderful dinner and cake made by the Bride’s cousin, dancing, and one of the most epic Anniversary Dances I’ve had the pleasure of watching. The final couple (the bride’s grandparents) have been married for 68 years – WOW.

The Sunset

We ended the evening with sunset photos on the course and tons of dancing and celebration for all. I always try and get the couple outside for the sunset. These are the glowey, dreamy pictures that always end up on the wall. I am confident we got them!

Congratulations Rachael and Derek – I’d wish you good luck and a lifetime of happiness, but I already know you guys don’t need the luck, and you are already as happy as two humans can possibly be together.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your day!

  1. Traci Nindorf says:

    Thank you so much for the beautiful memories you captured! Your description of the day is so accurate! We couldn’t be happier for these two soul mates! Thank you Krista and Rachel!!

    • Lori Kontny says:

      Krista, you know me well enough to know that I always have a camera in my hands…..I don’t go anywhere without one. Except for the day of my son’s wedding. Instead, I trusted you to capture memories of the most important day of his life thus far. I’m so glad that I did! The sneak peak photos are beautiful and I was able to be a part of and join in on all of the fun instead of running around trying to make sure that I didn’t capture every moment myself. Krista, you are the only person that I would’ve ever trusted to capture the memories of Derek and Rachael’s day! Thank you so much for being so outstanding at what you do. You truly are amazing and I can’t wait to see more of what y captured on one of the happiest days of our lives.

      • Krista Pascoe says:

        It was such a pleasure Lori! And thank you for the confidence and trust to allow me to capture your families most special day! It was truly special from beginning to end. Stay tuned for so many more beautiful photos of the day…. There are so many! 🙂

    • Krista Pascoe says:

      Thanks for the kind words! It was a true pleasure to be a part of Rachael and Derek’s day!


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