Kalie + Jon +Eli || Engagement session bonus


If you are a frequent visitor to my blog (hey, thanks for that!), you might recognize Jon and Kalie. They were featured last fall with their ‘first’ engagement photo session.

Enter life

And, enter Eli. Or Baby George, or simply Baby, as we like to call him often….

A quick reminder, Jon belongs to us (Do 28 year olds still ‘belong’ to the parents?? Asking for a friend). Jon and Kalie had a fun and sweet engagement last fall that involved our entire family. And because when you are a photographer with a blog that means every step of the way is going to be documented with photographs and stories. It’s what I do….

Enter the life portion. When we photographed their first session, we were keeping a secret. Somehow during the engagement festivities, she managed to turn the surprise over to all of the family by announcing her news. Big news. HUGE! So surprising that even Jon didn’t know until the day before the planned proposal day (ring in hand with a sweet plan in place). Needless to say, she was a bit emotional, and somehow, Jon managed to keep his composure and still pull off a complete surprise to her.

I was convinced she knew something was up because the men in our family are chronically terrible secret-keepers. When she walked in wearing a hoodie, sans makeup I knew she didn’t know. I’ve photographed enough ‘surprise’ engagements where I’ve felt like the bride had a hint that something was up. Manicures and lash fills on the regular are usually not weekly practices.

Then, the tables were turned

The engagement portion of the day went off without a hitch and then 20 minutes later, they announced to the celebratory group that they had a baby on the way. What an emotional rollercoaster that was! And I would never have guessed the engagement would be eclipsed in a hot-second with even bigger news. Fast forward to May 30th, 2020 where baby Eli George made his way into the world and into our hearts. The stories are real, and having a grandchild is about the best thing there is.

With that –  life goes on! The wedding plans are still underway (stay tuned for September 25, 2021) and lots and lots of photos between now and then. For now, we are going to celebrate their continued engagement and upcoming wedding, the start of their new family, and life in general. We are still so proud of these two, and couldn’t love their family of three more!


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