Jamie + Nick || Fun & Intimate Summer Wedding


If I had to describe the weddings of 2020 with one word, that word would be CHILL. Under most circumstances, weddings are not chill, but in fact – the opposite of that. With the events of 2020 (I won’t go into all that has happened, but I believe we all know where I’m going with that), I’ve watched so many couples stress and worry, and then plan, replan, change plans, and plan again to try and figure out what to do for their special day they’ve been planning for a year or two.

Jamie and Nick are no different. For them, the good news is that how the day played out didn’t look much different than the day they originally planned. They had always planned for a smaller, intimate wedding ceremony with a smallish group of friends and family to celebrate after at a local brewery with food brought in. Currently living in Seattle, a lot of their planning was done from afar (both attended UMD) and watching the local reports of what was open, what was allowed, and what was the safe thing to do for their people. Adjustments were made, but the love and happiness with their small gathering of friends and family was abundant. From a brewery celebration to back-yard bags and the beach, I couldn’t possibly have had more fun with this couple, documenting their day and love.

They were perfect role-models for going with the flow, and living the moments versus stressing about the details. This wins every single time. Congrats Jamie and Nick!



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