Jessica + Paul || Holiday Wedding


Jessica and Paul. As individuals they are as different is it gets. Paul is artistic and Jessica is more structured. Paul is fairly happy-go-lucky and Jessica is more intense (in a good way!). Together, they are an amazing complement to each other in the best possible fashion. They met on the campus of St. Scholastica (where they both work) and within minutes of their chance, first encounter – sparks flew. A mutual colleague introduced them and it didn’t take long for their relationship to blossom.

I’ve photographed many, many weddings. Each and every one of them something unique strikes me. With Jessica and Paul, it was so evident how much their friends and family meant to them, and THEIR impact back. I just love hearing the tales throughout the day of how their romance began, planning, old family stories and so on. It really fills me up.

Even though the weather was extremely uncooperative for outdoor photos, the backdrop of Greysolon and the Moorish room filled every creative instinct I could possibly dream of for this lovely couple. The classic, vintage glam of the architecture fit the bride and groom perfectly.

I could say more – but I’m going to let the images speak for themselves. Congratulations Jessica and Paul!

  1. Patricia Nelson says:

    Wonderful job! Beautiful work.


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