Jaydeen + Nate || Windy and Chilly Engagement Session


I’m so happy to share the photos from a brisk and windy day with Jaydeen and Nate! Their planned nuptials are scheduled for July of 2020, and I’m going to go out on a limb and say the weather will likely be a tad warmer for their happy day.  Here is the thing: For a half a minute, when looking at the forecast for our scheduled engagement shoot I thought about a potential reschedule – and then the realistic side of me decided to go for it. Here’s why – we don’t get to reschedule your wedding. The ceremony (or “show”) as some like to call it, MUST GO ON. Rain or shine. And you know what? In life, and especially marriage, the show goes on. In sunny times, windy times, and all out stormy times. Speaking from my almost 20 years of marriage experience, it’s not always sunshine and rainbows (surprise, surprise) but it’s what you do with those stormy times and how we can adjust our attitudes to make them memorable in our own way.

In the end, I’m super glad we continued with Jaydeen and Nate’s session. Besides the amazing fall color as a backdrop, it was fun to get to know Nate a little better, and reconnect with Jaydeen again! I love when my past work (I took her grad photos WAY LONG AGO) brings me to individuals again in a new way! I’m so excited to document their next stage in life! Congratulations Jaydeen and Nate!



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