The Hanson Family | Lifestyle photography at it’s finest


I’m often asked “What is lifestyle’ photography, and what’s the difference between this, and a regular family session?”

For me, I try and make all family photo time with me encompass posed photos of all, or some of the family members together, but also some images that capture the intimate ways a family interacts with each other. Even better when I can visit them in their natural habitat (i.e. their home) to really dig into their life. After all, this is where the memories are made. Mind you – I’m still a fan of meeting in a pretty park, where everyone is all cleaned up and in somewhat matching outfits, but if I had to choose? I’d pick the mild chaos that most people live in, to document their every day happenings.

A great example: The Hanson Family. Shanda and Ryan are busy, career minded folks (she is in marketing at LHB, and Ryan works in marketing for Duluth Pack – hello dream jobs!) Together they are the parents of two adorbs and very busy kids. Enter Lewis (age 3.5) and Bennett (age 9.5 months).

Before I continue, I’ll just say that I had a busy house like this once. Three kids (within five years) and one or two black labs at all times. Both of us worked full time, and had a handful of hobbies too.  This being said – this was also many, many years ago. It’s been just over three years since our youngest left the nest – and I’ll tell you, the happy chaos I found myself in while at the Hanson house rocked me right back to those days. Toys, runny noses, and the constant back and forth between the parents to do this, and grab that, etc. was a ton of fun.

I remember when we were in the thick of this crazy time, it’s easy to wish for evenings spent over peaceful dinners, and a quiet and clean house….. I’m here to say – those times do come back. For now, enjoy the chaos, it slips away quickly. And by all means, document the chaos of it all! I’m here to help you do so…


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