Why are engagement photos important?


Why are engagement photos so important?

Aside from the obvious answer that engagement photos are used for some of your wedding décor, save the dates, and hey – it’s just fun to have professional photos taken that showcase your love…. There are a few other reasons why taking engagement pictures is a really important step in your wedding photography and overall wedding brand.

It’s fun!

The sky is the limit with the engagement shoot. We are not tied down by location, weather, or an uber-strict schedule, which means we can cut-lose and have some fun. Additionally, who doesn’t want a first opportunity to officially announce to the world “WE ARE GETTING MARRIED!” than with a beautiful set of engagement photos. These images showcase your personalities, along with your wedding and couple brand. Weddings are bringing together two separate circles of friends and families and these photos are a perfect opportunity to introduce yourselves to everyone and announce the official engagement and your upcoming nuptials.

It’s a big opportunity for us to get to know each other

One idea many couples don’t always recognize when choosing their wedding photographer is that they will be spending all day, and I mean ALL day, with their chosen photographer. Your photographer is going to be with you during the tears, nervous moments, waiting for you at the end of the isle, the party and celebration and everything in between. It’s important we know each other a bit and more importantly – that we like each other. The engagement shoot allows us to have more casual interaction, with a less-structured schedule, and more freedom for this this first stage in your wedding photography process.

It’s practice for the big day

Let’s face it, on your wedding day you are going to be nervous, excited, emotional, and maybe even a little tired from all the planning and prep work. Already being familiar with the posing lingo along my directional style and pace, puts a large degree of ease into the portrait portion of your day. You guys are already going to be experts and can focus on the task of the big day: Tying the knot and having fun with the process!

Cohesive photography sets a tone for your wedding mementos

Once the big day is over and you’ve moved on to thank-you cards and wrapping up other elements of your wedding, it’s important you have a cohesive look for your photos. Similar color, balance, creativity, and style flows from your engagement shoot, all the way through your wedding photos. When you are looking to finally print and hang some of your images, you will want them to carry a similar tone from engagement to wedding so they are cohesive in style. This concept is true with wedding albums and other ways in which you choose to display and/or gift your wedding photos.

So if you are on the fence about adding an engagement shoot to your wedding package, I hope this gave you a little more insight as to why they are important. I think these couples would agree – enjoy!







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