Natalie + Adam || Engaged




I love, love, love surprises. I especially love when I get to be on the inside of the planning! Adam (with a little help from his adorable sister Anna and his future mother-in-law Chris) raised the proposal bar HIGH. After closing on their first home together on Tuesday, Adam and Co. decorated the backyard, worked out a deal with Natalie’s boss to schedule a late-afternoon meeting, and planned a surprise engagement party, post-proposal.

Anna and I anxiously awaited in hiding for the happy couple to arrive. She, in the house with the café-light trigger, me in the bushes waiting for ‘the’ moment. It went without a hitch and never have I been so excited to sit in the dark with cold feet and a bottle of champagne at my feet. The evening continued at Wild Mind Artisan Ales where their parents Chris, Thom, Chuck, and Penny, their extended family, and a ton of friends awaited their arrival to toast the happy couple!

Natalie and Adam met in college where they both attended St. Thomas. Adam was a transfer from NDSU and one of Natalie’s roommates introduced them. Both set on not being tied down with a relationship in college, ended up ‘non-dating’ for about a year, when they decided to make it official on a park bench in a park that sat directly between their two homes. Fast forward 4+ years later to them both working in the finance industry, recently closing on a new home, and are dog parents to their new addition “Tilly”.  Oh yeah – and they are getting MARRIED!

What an awesomely-special honor it was to be a part of this love-filled evening! Congrats Natalie and Adam!



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