My photography philosophy is simple – to capture you in a relaxed and natural state while giving you a unique experience that you won’t soon forget. I’ll take the time to understand your style and together we will choose the perfect location and styling options for our time together. My ultimate goal is for you to say ‘Wow!’ when you view the final product.

To accomplish this, I have very few rules and boundaries to stifle our combined creativity. I’m open to suggestion and therefore don’t limit the number of outfits or posing options. Instead, we book a window of time and from there the possibilities are endless. We will capture as much as we can, wherever we can within that time frame. The results will be a wide variety of poses and backdrops to choose from. From there, I offer below-market pricing on photo prints with no complicated and pricey package requirements. All prints are available a la carte with no minimum order.

Thank you for taking the time to inquire about my services. You may not realize this, but we are helping each other. You, are allowing me the opportunity to do what I love and hopefully in return, I will provide you a unique snapshot in time you will treasure forever.

my photo philosophy.....